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We fish for Smallmouth Bass all around Lake Erie’s Western Basin Island’s and reefs. Rocky structures are key with smallmouth bass, which is why the near shore reef complex right off our marina. This makes for amazing smallmouth fishing! Most of the time Sunshine Charters makes the long run to Pelee Island for consistent action. After fishing Pelee Island you’ll see why this trip is worth it-the quantity and size of these Smallmouth Bass will amaze even the experienced angler! Our Smallmouth Bass catches currently average 14-17 inches, with many larger fish in the 18-20 inch range. Sunshine Charters will always burn the extra fuel to ensure a successful fishing trip. Just Look at What We Have Done!

We run charters 7 Days a Week!

Ask us about our overnight trips to Pelee Island! 

Custom trips can be arranged to meet your schedule. 

All Charters include: 
rods and reels (if needed), night crawlers, perch minnows, lures and all other tackle. Note – Live bait for smallmouth is EXTRA.

Lodging Available – 
We can make arrangements at motels, townhouses, or mobile homes.

Charter Rates

Rates are for 1-6 Persons

9 Hours or Limit Catch.
One Trip Daily
Per Day
5 Hours (4 persons or less)
Week days only
Per Day
Prices are subject to change if fuel increases to $4 per gallon and above.
Island Pickup Plus $50.00 Canadian Trips Plus $50.00
Below is a list of items that might be worth consideration when planning your charter:
* Sunglasses
* Cooler for Fish
* Fishing License (Your charter may be fishing in Ohio or Canada – ask your Captain)
* Pop and beer (cans only)
* Camera
* Suntan Lotion
* Rain Gear
* Jackets (It is always cooler on the water)
* Snacks
* Sea-sickness Medication
It is always best to consult with your Captain regarding these items; he may have ideas that fit your exact situation or preferences. Please note that due to Coast Guard Regulations we are limited to a maximum 6 People plus crew. If you anticipate that your group will be larger than 6 we offer multi-boat trips.
Ask about our Executive Trips
Includes – Beer, Softdrinks, Lunches and Snacks

Either call us at 419-732-2488 or
send us an email using the form below.

Boat Location

Anchors Away Marina 5925 Saylor St Marblehead, OH 43440 Dock #202